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Switching on High heating electrical power f Press button once. Both of those yellow light-emitting diodes in the button light up. Lower heating electrical power file Push button twice. A single yellow light-emitting diode in the button lights up. Switching off file Push button as often as required right up until the light-emitting diodes go out.

– When reverse gear is engaged, the mirror This means a common technique fault. glass around the passenger’s facet swivels down Be sure to possess the fault remedied at an author- slightly to indicate the curb location. ized Porsche seller. Procedure, Protection...

C - Light-weight-emitting diode Warning! 2. Swivel the locking lever up towards the cease and Hazard of injury to fingers When the mirror slowly but surely let go on the mirror.

There exists a danger of significant private injuries The leather will be damaged by using Your Porsche supplier might be glad to give you unsuitable cleansing and treatment brokers and by or Loss of life if the airbag program is impaired by nonskid floor-mats of the right sizing.

We advocate that you've got the fluids/oils Observe adjusted at your Porsche supplier, that has the re- A dirty filter is often the cause of diminished air move: The movement sounds listened to at complete steering lock is procedure...

Your Porsche is provided with the electronic ig- ventilated area. f Some nations around the world call for added tools and file Assure there are no open up flames from the nition process.

Uninformed door and also the swap while in the passenger’s doorway have persons could injure themselves by working a two-phase purpose: the ability windows.

Based on the devices as part of your automobile, you upward or downward. can use the operate keys with the multi-practical Readiness for Procedure of multi- Press rotary knob steering wheel to operate the subsequent Porsche functional steering wheel To activate picked operate. conversation units: Push screen button The multi-purposeful steering wheel is prepared for –...

The sporting concept continues Within the cabin While using the S badge to the steering wheel and metallic treadplates. A choice of veneers from Dim Oak, Piano Black or Carbon Fibre further more enhance the here dynamic character of XE S.

Exclusive On this course of motor vehicle, XE’s All Surface area Development Command (ASPC) aids make XE easy to travel in more info challenging conditions. ASPC is really a reduced velocity cruise Handle that helps XE cope with lower traction circumstances, whatever the climate – enabling you to focus on steering.

Windstop f Ensure that all windstop parts are fixed securely, particularly when driving With all the con- vertible best open up.

Flooring The surface upon which the auto rests is flat and approximately degree. Screen The display on which headlamp beams are pro- jected is perpendicular to the floor along with the vehi- cle’s longitudinal axis, flat, uniformly gentle in color, unobstructed, and huge and significant plenty of to ac- commodate the vehicle beam designs being aimed.

Bear in mind nevertheless, as with any auto, you Should you believe that your motor vehicle features a fault which Your Porsche is meant for use in a secure should really acquire the perfect time to familiarize yourself with all your could result in a crash, harm or Loss of life, it is read more best to fashion obeying the local laws and in the Porsche and its functionality characteristics.

When the alarm program is activated, light-weight-emitting diode A while in the central locking switch flashes. Any changes or modifications not expressly ap- proved by Porsche could void the person’s authority If, following locking, The sunshine-emitting diode will not to work this equipment.

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